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Youth and Children Ministry Information

Check-in Information: Parents please sign in and sign out your Child at the beginning and end of service: H.Y.P.E., Shabach, and Nursery.

  1. While under the supervision of Youth and Children’s services, All participants are expected to remain inside the Fellowship hall, Classrooms, and Sanctuary (wherever the meeting/service is held) at all times. 
  2. No child or youth is permitted to leave the quarters without permission from an advisor.
  3. All participants must show respect for advisors, other participants, and themselves while actively involved in youth and children’s church. This includes: speaking courteously toward others, keeping hands to oneself, and exhibiting Christ-like behavior at all times. 
  4. Participants will be mindful of the learning environment designated to them by not being a distraction to others during worship service and instruction time.
  5. Participants must report any dangerous, obscene and/or violations of rules outlined in this Code of Conduct booklet. This includes any violations by staff, volunteers, and other participants.
Rules, Procedures & Expectations Document and Resource Site

Youth Ministry Rules, Procedures & Expectations